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Inspired - "of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse"



Inspired Dance Company - a Contemporary Dance Studio

Our mission is to bring out the extraordinary in every dance student. To allow each dancer to shine their inner light in the classroom and on stage. And most of all to inspire and be inspired through dance.

Join a dance community that is passionate, committed and supportive whether your child is beginning his or her dance training or has been dancing for years.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Extraordinary contemporary dance training with a proven curriculum that begins with our Mini Dancer program and progresses to pre-professional

  • Relevance to the dance world with cutting-edge, award winning & age-appropriate choreography, plus conservative costuming

  • Staff of high quality professional instructors with recent industry experience offering your student a fresh, modern approach

  • Small class sizes and individualized coaching for your child with a growth plan to master technique and fundamentals so all students can shine

  • Focus on instilling proper technique in genres including ballet, modern and contemporary

  • Emphasis on building strong, athletic dancers who demonstrate discipline, focus and proper etiquette

  • Holistic dance education including terminology, anatomy and dance history

  • Performance opportunities include a winter production and spring recital

  • Beautiful, welcoming studios serving our students and their families throughout West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason, Monroe, Maineville, Fairfield, Lebanon, Hamilton and Sharonville


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We absolutely love Inspired Dance Company. One of my favorite things about walking through the front door, is how extremely warm and welcoming it is.You immediately feel at home and comfortable. My daughters favorite part of each week is when we go to dance class! I highly recommend, and all of the instructors are phenomenal. I love watching my daughters growth every week!!!
— Liz H.
Very impressed by this studio. The staff is amazing and very helpful. The teachers are extremely talented and my daughter loves them! We are very happy here!!
— Samantha
Two of my daughters dance here. It is a fantastic dance studio. Her teacher is so patient with her and is teaching the kids so much. They always have modest costuming and tasteful body movement. Their performances are absolutely delightful. Their artistic director puts together shows that you actually look forward to seeing! I might pay to go, even if I didn’t have a dancer in them. They are so well done. We absolutely LOVE this studio!
— Sara C.
My daughter LOVES this dance studio. She has class one night a week, and all I can hear about the rest of the week is when dance is again. She has learned so much over the past 6 months. The people at Inspired are so friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my daughter to take dance classes :)
— Zach R.
Friendly, good natured, and diverse company! I definitely enjoyed my time here with my younger sister. I will be recommending this dance studio to my friends and family.
— Miah B.